17 Dec

The lighting in your home would have a significant effect on the way it looks, this effect is known as Color Rendering Index in short known as CRI. It is the index that measures how accurate lights are generating colors in contrast to the natural light or the sunlight. It is a scale from 0-100 and the more is the CRI of the light the more natural is the output quality of the object. When the light has CRI 100, it shows the object as similar to be seen in the daylight.

CRI For LED lights

Nature, for example, beautiful sights, has made us realize the importance of colors in our lives. the same colors like for example flower vase may not look as colorful in your office or home as in the sunlight, it is because of the light source reflecting on the object and which in turn enters our eyes through iris. It is the ability to show the colors of an object naturally.

Halogen and Incandescent bulbs have CRI close to 100 for producing WarmWhite color. However, for daylight, they use bulb coated with neodymium, it has very low CRI. In terms of CRI in LED, most of them are getting produced above 80 in both Warm White and daylight to give better color rendering. Therefore producing a more natural and accurate output of light.

Apart from CRI, the effectiveness of the bulb also depends on the number of lumens produced and the color temperature of light.

CRI For your Lighting

After LEDs started gaining popularity, more and more manufacturers started producing LED lights. However, the quality differs. To choose the right light CRI plays an important role. Choose the lights with a high CRI rating.

Every LED product has different CRI. The scale of 90 and more is high CRI and, 80 and below is mid-range to low CRI. High CRI lights show outstanding color, texture, and finish of an object. The lights with high CRI in your house helps in highlighting the design details. Moreover, high CRI DOES NOT mean that it is more bright or different color temperature.

All our LED lights have CRI>80 and strip lights with CRI>95.