21 Dec

It is the holiday season, the time of the year filled with expectations, decorations and not to forget the Presents underneath the Christmas tree. Decorating outside the house is just as important as the inside halls. get inspired by some facades and read on to see how to achieve the magical look. they are plenty of decorations and ideas to consider in which here are few.

There are a variety of lights, make sure you get waterproof or water-resistant lights rated for outdoor use (IP 65, Ip 66, IP 67) marked with underwriter’s lab (UL) which means that they are meeting North American Standards. Don’t ever use indoor Christmas lights for outdoors.

  •  String light your archway and wreath for the Christmas day.


You can use net lighting to light. they drape like a blanket of lights. They are an effective, hassle-free way to create an elegant display. These work best on trees and shrubs and are simple to install.


Image Source: Houzz.com

For an elegant effect, the artificial pine wreath offers a realistic look and mini lights inside the wreath and long glacier pines for columns will take the decorations to another level.


  • Light your trees with LED decor

Decorated trees look festive for the holidays. Often bare trees provide an ideal framework for hanging lights. With a few measurements and a little bit of planning, you can wrap your outdoor trees with Christmas lights. The best outdoor lights to use are LED because LEDs not only lasts longer but can also save your electricity bill. You can either go with 120V strip light or the string lights with mini LEDs. You can also choose neon lights to wrap them.

  • Light the columns and pillars

Photo credit: Vito Pietria from Visual hunt

Hanging Christmas lights on columns are always painful. moreover passing the bundle of cord and lights between the wall and column needs a lot of patience and time. Consider using the outdoor light clips or cup hooks to hang the lights. lighting the columns and pillars adds a beautiful charm to your home.  Warm white color temperature is very common for lighting outdoor, some people keep multi color to have a festive look but my personal recommendation is cool white, as it looks more like a snow-white tone in the night time and they look beautiful for any time of the year, not just for the Christmas season. It provides a candy cane-inspired look when lights are wrapped around columns with bright white color.

  • Patio, carports and Porche lighting

Lights strung across the top of your porch, along railings, and wrapped around columns are a perfect location for holiday lights. they add grace to your house attracting your neighbors and passerby. You can use different ways ( Rope light, Strip light or the LED Neon light) to light your front yard. Wrap light strands around the rails to bring even more light to the areas that you like to enjoy in the evening

Have you thought about using it under your deck or patio to bring a unique glow to the area? With a few simple clasps, you can illuminate the entire length of your entire porch. Take it to the next level and line the bottom or top of the fence around your yard for an even bigger impact. String lights across the top of your porch is a decoration that will never go out of style. You can run a simple wire parallel to your house and zigzag strands of lights back and forth to create a ceiling of light to your deck.

  • Neon lights

    Photo Credit: Tabula_electronica

the LED Neon lights are another option to decorate your house. The flexible, easily cut lights are waterproof and are easy for installation. They give you a smooth finish without any visibility of dots. The multi-color Neon light will provide a charming and graceful look in the Christmas season.

The LED Neon lights are safe and eco-friendly lights with no harmful release of gas and is safe to both humans and the environment. The weatherproof Neon light strip can be used Indoor and Outdoor, Plug and Play without wiring

  • Wall washers

Untangling the Christmas lights ranks as one of the worst tasks involved in decorating for the holidays. It’s such a tedious chore and one you may avoid by just buying new lights if you are like most people. You have probably spent each holiday season cursing at an enormous mass of tangled strings of lights, trying to figure out where to start. Unraveling crisscrossed, knotted, and frayed Christmas lights is a real test of our patience. Wall washers are the solution for making it quick and at the same time fully enchanting.

A multi-color light projector adds flecks of different colors to your house. Traditional lights use a huge amount of wires to connect numerous bulbs to each other, in addition to the power cord itself. The cables tangle easily and take a lot of time and frustration to untangle them. Also When lights bulbs are seen in the dark, they look dazzling. In the cold light of day however, you can see all the cables and nails hammered in, spoiling the effect. With the projector, all you have to do is hide it in a bush or flower patch, and the exterior of your home looks as pristine as always while being lit up at night.

Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar from Visual hunt

Christmas lights aren’t just for home decorations. Businesses can use them to create a festive experience for customers. You can arrange lights into letters and also use moving signs to spell out a special holiday message.

May your holiday be blessed with the love and warmth of family and friends.  From everyone at LED Lights and Parts, we’d like to say thank you for your continued loyalty and faith in us. Put your feet up and have a well-deserved rest this Christmas and let every day of the holiday season be filled with joy.