3×1 Flexible Rectangle Book Light Warm White

Sku: 666561403621

Color: Cool White

Power: 3x1W

Voltage: 5v


Length of wire- 60 inches

Length of the flexible neck- 14 inches

Dimensions of light:

Length: 80.23 mm (3.15 inch)

Width- 25.73 mm ( 1 inch)

Plug: USB


  • A portable light that works into the USB port.
  • Perfect for students and even couples who do not want to disturb their spouses and working in the dark.
  • Ideal for lighting the dark area using a USB port.
  • The flexible neck helps in focussing to the dark area where you want to light up.
  • Best for lighting during the powerpoint presentations, illuminating the keyboard while working in the dark.
  • the flexible neck of the light 14 inches long helps avoid coming in the way of the computer screen.
  • Have a switch on the wire.
  • Comes with 5 feet of wire.
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