Mi-Light Smart Phone RGB WiFi Controller for 2.4GHz

Sku: 666561403492

Voltage: 5V DC

Wattage: 500mA Max.

  • Supply power to the wifi controller by the USB port to the power adapter
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz LED controller




Have 2 years of store warranty.


Length – 90 mm (3.54 inch)

Width – 66 mm (2.60 inches)

Depth – 15 mm  (0.59 inch)

Steps for installation:
  1. Download MI-Light version-4 from APP Store or Play Store
  2. Connect MI-Light device from your phone (Phone < Settings <WIFI- connect to MI- Light device)
  3. From the MI-Light App, search for the device (MI-Light device should appear in the search)
  4. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add ‘Device List’
  5. Click on APLink, connect to your WIFI network.
  6. Click on the symbolto select a remote or controller type option.
  7. Click on the symbol and click on the link.

Single Color-RGB/RGBW, Single Color/RGB

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