Mi-Light 4-Zone RGB+CCT Smart Panel Remote Controller B4 FUT039

Sku: 666561412920

Model No.: B4

Voltage: 3V (2*AAA Battery)

Transmission Frequency: 2400 – 2483.5MHz

Transmitting Power: 6dBm

Control Distance: 30m

Standby Power: 20uA

Each zone needs one receiver of model #FUT039  Click Here


Length – 86 mm (3.39 inch)

Width –  86 mm (3.39 inch)

Depth – 33 mm (1.30 inch)

  • LED RGB lighting allows for great-looking colors of light. It’s really varied color emitted by the LED, is responsible for the enormous success of this project. More and more people want to follow a fashionable trend, which is also the installation of intelligent lighting in your home. Many people while getting a well installation RGB LED strip. This is where the controller was created MILIGHT – 4-Zone RGB + CCT Smart Panel Remote Controller – B4. It allows you to change all light settings. The result is a stunning look and the ability to change color on request. It’s a great solution.
  • Proposed in our shop control panel, the device of the XXI century. It’s touch, so in an easy, friendly way to quickly change parameters. Its small size and nice, but not catching very eyes look even more suited to a modern interior. The operating range within WiFi installation is 30 meters. This inexpensive device which will facilitate daily life. We recommend it especially for entrepreneurs who want to enter into his office a little more modern and comfortable solutions. Milight system, which element is the 4-Zone RGB + CCT Smart Panel Remote Controller – B4, allows for large savings in electricity consumption. This solution is ecological and economical, suitable for the growing needs and business opportunities.

Link: Turn off the power, then turn on again 5 seconds, press ”I” 3 times within 3 seconds. The Led light blinks 3 times slowly when it is done.

Unlink: Turn off the power, then turn on again after 5 seconds, press “I” 5 times within 3 seconds. The Led light blinks 10 times swiftly when it is done.


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