Round LED Step Light Type 8 Flat Bevel Trim Silver (3000K/RGB)

Sku: 666561411893

Desired 3000k/ RGB light Engine Sold Separately

3000K Engine Model No: UL-1014

RGB Egine Model No: UL-1014RGB

Cap Model No: UL-1014-BR60

Trim Type: Flat Trim (Bevel Trim)

Voltage: 12-24V (3000K Engine)/ 5V (RGB Engine)

Wattage: 1.2W(3000K Engine) / 1W (RGB Engine)

Light Source: COB LED

Engine Material: Passivated Aluminum

Diffuser: Walkover Diffuser of 2mm Thickness

Diffuser Material: Opal

Color Temperature: 3000k (Warm White) / RGB

Trim Material: Passivated Aluminum

Trim Finish: Anodized Silver

IP Rating: IP67 (Outdoor rated)

IK Rating: IK06

Dimmable: Yes

Luminous flux: 40-45 lumens

Single Color                                                                                                         Multi-Color

Color: 3000k (Warm White)                                                                               RGB

Voltage: 12 /24V DC                                                                                           5V DC

Wattage: 1.2W                                                                                                    1W

  • The product front cover and housing is a  passivated aluminum housing, the passivated film is 11-13 micron: corrosion-proof
  • The diffuser has a 2mm thickness that makes this light used as deck light or for inground lighting without worrying about damaging the light
  • The gasket is o-ring seal is PMQ
  • The light source is Osram LED COB Chip
  • With IP rating IP67 can be used both indoor and outdoor in various applications.
  • Well heat dissipation, Long life-span, and low light decay
  • We offer a step-down transformer to line voltage in both hardwire and plugin
  • Available in both warm white and multi-color.
  • Can be directly screwed onto the surface with a cut size of just a hole for installation
  • Comes with 3 feet of wire cable.
  • Depending upon the wattage of the transformer, any number of lights can go on 1 switch.
  • Contact us for assistance with any of our quality products if required.
  • Shipment available, depending upon the location.


Cut Size – 10.44 mm (0.42 inch)

Depth – 8.40 mm (0.33 inch)

Cap Diameter – 48.50 mm (1.9 inch)

Color Temperature

Warm-White (3000K)



IP Rating

IP 67

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