VEROBOARD 12V 300W (5*60W) Triac/ 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver(multi Dimming +Junction Box) VBD -012-300VTD52J2V2

Sku: 666561419271

CLICK HERE  for a printable Specification Sheet.

Model No: VBD -012-300VTD52J2V2

Input Voltage: 100-277 V AC

Output Voltage: 12 V DC

Output Power: 300 W (5*60 W)

Output Current: 5 A (5*5 A)

Dimmable: Yes (1-10V/0/ Triac dimming) 5 in 1 Dimming

Class Certification: Class 2/ Class P/ Type HL/ SELV

Dimensions of the Box

Length: 439.73 mm (17.31 inch)

Width: 86 mm (3.38 inch)

Height: 59.4 mm (2.34 inch)

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