13 Jan

Strip lights are getting more and more popular in all the applications. Be it the indoor, outdoor, home or commercial lighting and decorations.

However, the visibility of LED dots might not look enchanting and sometimes you are searching for ways to hide the strips from others. Well here is the solution you are looking for.

Enhance Aesthetics:

Linear Architectural fixtures help in enhancing the aesthetics in any location. They can be easily installed either through recessed mounting, surface mounting or suspended installations depending upon your needs and choice. They are becoming the designer’s choice for modernized lighting needs. They are perfect for any environment.

Some other benefits of using the aluminum channels are:


They elevate the room design. When you don’t want the strip lights to be visible, you can stick those strips in a channel thereby you don’t see any LED dots.  Also, the channel gives you a diffused look. They complement spaces, creating a balance between style and functionality.

Increase Lifespan:

They increase the life span of the LEDs. If the wattage of the strip light is more, you might need to heat sink the LEDs (metal surface acts as a good heat sink for the LEDs). They displace the heat from higher wattage LED strips and prolonge its rated life.


Reduces light glaring. The bright dots from the LEDs might be too bright for your eyes. The diffuser helps in providing even lighting and acts as an anti-glare.


They Protect from dust and physical contact. It is water-resistant, the endcaps should be sealed properly.

We carry various types of channels where some of them can be used for shooting at an angle, some of them without diffuser, some channels are deeper where you don’t see any dots of the LEDs, we have channels used for steps, and many other varieties, Some of our channels also used for custom work in ceiling, stairs, under cabinets, inground, suspended wall lamps, sidewalk also for building individual light fixtures, table lamps, suspended wall lamps, floor lamps, etc.

Photo Credit: Cleveland Aaron