PUP20T-1LMC EUCHIPS Constant Current 120V Dimmable Driver with Selectable Current 350-700mA 20W

Sku: 666561424787


Model No: PUP20T-1LMC

Input current: 0.23A

Input Voltage: 120 Vac

Output Selectable Constant Current LED Driver with Triac Dimming

Output Current:  350mA/ 400mA/ 450mA/ 500mA/ 550mA/600mA/ 650mA/ 700mA

Output Voltage: 9-45V/ 9-45V/ 9-44V/ 9-40V/ 9-36V/ 9-33V/ 9-30V/ 9-28V

Output Power: 15.7W/ 18W/ 19.8W/ 20W/ 19.8W/ 19.8W/ 20W/ 20W

Dimmable: Triac Phase-cut Dimming

Class Certification: Class 2/ Class P

Ta: 50°C

Tc: 90°C