DMX512 Decoder & LED Driver DE8236

Sku: 666561412616

Model Number: DE8236

Voltage: 12 ~ 24V DC

Output: 20A Max.

Type: DMX Decoder

Color: Black

  • This 4CH DMX Decoder features a LCD Screen Display that is much easier to work with than traditional dip-switches, as well as a secure screw-down terminal for strong connections.
  •  Meets DMX512/1990,with RJ45 interface.
  • 256-levels brightness,full-color with driver controls.
  • Can achieve asynchronous color changes effect under working with controller.
  •  With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1~4 colors.
  •  Setting the DMX address freely.
  •  Modularizing and can be matched with different LED module neatly.