We will custom fit LED strip to meet the dimensions of any bespoke site or project need, and we can cut strip to the nearest cut point. The advantage of cutting LED strip to length in our factory removes expensive on-site time for our customers and means you get the right lengths pre-cut and ready to install – fast!
We know that preparing the “tails” of LED strip and getting them soldered on-site can be challenging, particularly when LED strip is hidden from view and connections are difficult to reach.

Step 1:

Select the appropriate Indoor or IP Rated for your application

Step 2:

Determine the amount of length you require. Our strip can be cut every 2” or 4”, depending on the model type.

Step 3:

Cable tails can be pre-wired to save you installation time. Measure the length of electrical cable tails you need and we’ll solder them to one end!

Step 4:

Choose the right ALUMINUM PROFILE for your project.

Step 5:

We check the power consumption of all lights you ordered and offer you a power supply.


LED Lights and Parts is set apart from our competitors by customizing your order. Whether you need a residential or commercial LED lighting design, our LED Lighting technicians are happy to do all the work to figure out exactly what you need. Just send us your design or specifications and we will figure out the rest.

We customize everything from kitchens, wine cellars, outdoor living areas, commercial buildings, restaurant bar lighting, nightclubs, sculptures and even train stations.

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