The answer is YES

There could be a several different reason that your fixture failed, stop working or fliking on and off . Most of chandelier or fixtures has some kind of LED driver .

step 1-4

1.First of all check your input connection to fixture and make sure there is a voltage output. Its possible that your fuse just jumped off .

2.Check your driver. There are two different kind of drivers, Constant voltage and constant current . check out put of your driver with volt meter to see if it show any output, if not, that means your driver is faulty. Check model number and  out put information  . you can check this website to find the right driver


3.Check low voltage build in driver. Most fixtures have build in low voltage drive that may fail in some cases.

4.check LED modules itself. Number of LEDs and the way LEDs got connected is really important. for example in series connection if one light fail all light will go off, so by finding the faild one and replacing that your light will come back on. most led chips has model number, so you can find the replacement or by checking the light specs you can find somethin similar in market. in this case you need to make sure to get something in same mili amp and same wattage

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