12C MR16 Light Fixture

Sku: 666561407391

3.8 inch Square Contemporary Recessed light Trim Chrome

Trim Color: Polished Chrome

Trim Material: Aluminum

Package Content: Recessed Trim with MR16 Base

Trim Type: Flat Trim

Trim Shape: Square (Concave style)

Slot Adjustability: None

Size: 96.5 mm (3.78 in) x 96.5 mm (3.78 in)

Cut Hole Size: 64 mm (2.5 inches)

Depth: 23mm (0.9 inches)

  • Can be directly recessed in a cut hole or for your 2.5-inch standard recessed housing.
  • This trim (other colors available) comes with a cable. It easily attaches to any MR16 bulb to your new designer quality trim.
  • Widely used by interior designers and people who want to remodel without removing the recessed cans.
  • Trim available in White, black, and chrome finish.
  • Don’t forget to order the bulb! (not included)
  • Contact us for more assistance and to know more about bulk orders.
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