34 inch T5 Linkable 14W 1120LM 3000K

Sku: 666561416157

Model no: AD113-34-3k

Voltage- 120v

Wattage- 14W

IP Rating:  IP20

Color of the fixture- white

Color temperature- Warm White (3000k)

Luminous flux- 1120 lm

Dimmable- Yes




Have 2 years of store warranty.


Length –  34inch (863.6 mm)

Width – 0.95 inch (24 mm)

Depth –1.17 inch (30 mm)

  • Low power consumption, high energy efficiency
  • Widely popular in wardrobe, cabinet, shelves of a modern kitchen
  • Available in different lengths (9, 11, 23 and, 46 inches)
  • Applicable for cabinets, shelves, closets, ceiling, shower doors, windows, accent lighting, stairs, etc and much more.
  • Has a high-quality reflector, avoids glaring.
  • Is a good replacement of the fluorescent tube
  • Dissipates very less heat and is safe to touch.
  • Has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Has a switch of its own on the fixture.
  • Several lengths (Maximum 10) can be positioned together.
  • Comes with a small connector, if in case wants to connect with another light fixture of any length.
  • We also carry the wire connector for connecting one light fixture with another (///lightsandparts.com/product/6-inches-flex-connector-for-t5-bar/)
  • Need to buy cord separately for connecting in the outlet (//lightsandparts.com/product/5ft-flex-connector-for-t5-bar/)
  • We also carry the box for hardwiring the lights rather than plugin (//lightsandparts.com/product/t5-led-hard-wire-box/ )
  • Comes with mounting brackets and endcaps
  • Brackets help in easy installation of the light fixture.
  • Comes along with the steps for easy installation
  • Suitable for Dry and Damp Locations with IP 20 rating.
  • Is an eco-friendly product, free from UV or any hazardous materials with RoHS certification.
  • Can download the full specification sheet
  • For any queries, contact us and we can guide you for any of our products.
  • Shipment available, depending upon the location.
  • Have 2 years of store warranty.
Installation guide for T5

Installation and specification guide

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