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We have the largest selection of UL Listed LED Strip Lights for all your indoor and outdoor waterproof linear lighting needs. Ideal strip light applications include, signage, interior and exterior lighting, back lighting, accent lighting, under cabinet, over the cabinet, landscape, bar, club, architectural, entertainment, and any other areas where long-lasting, eco-friendly illumination is needed. We stock a variety of single color, RGB and RGBW Color Changing LED Strips which can produce over 16 million color hues. All of our Ribbon Star LEDs are rated for 50,000 lifetime hours and have a 2-year warranty. Each strip light roll is hand tested for quality assurance, UL Listed for Class 2 low voltage luminaires and fixtures, RoHS and CE approved.

High Quality SMD LED Chips:

Our SMD LED use copper base and gold wire which provides good heat dispersion, long lifespan, and low Luminous Decay. All our LEDs can meet LM80 test standard.

High-Quality Double Layers PCB:

Our flexible PCB are all high-quality double layers PCB, at least 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models. So there is a low voltage drop and good heat dispersion too.


Per liner Foot, Save 30% on full roll 16.4Ft

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