UL-MR16-C MR16 Adjustable In-Ground Up light in different Color Temperatures (CCT)

Sku: 666561413859

Model: UL-MR16-C

Operating Voltage: 12V DC  (MR16 Hengte bulb)

Output Power: 6.5W  (MR16 Hengte bulb)

Color Finish: Stainless Steel

Color Temperature: Desired color temperature of any MR16 bulb

[2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5000k (Soft White, Warm White, Natural White, Day Light)]

Rendering Index: CRI>80

Bulb Type:  Replaceable MR16 bulb

IP Rating: IP 67 (Outdoor Use)

Beam Angle: 20° (Adjustable)

Dimmable: Based on the purchased MR16 Bulb, Hengte MR16  bulbs are dimmable

  • This up-light inground fixture seamlessly integrates into a wide variety of outdoor projects.
  • We can easily replace the MR16 bulb in the desired color temperatures for your needed application.
  • The variation in colors and beam spreads helps in the new lighting design possibilities where one can mix and match by simply dropping lamps into the fixture in your design.
  • The LED bulb in this in-ground light is replaceable with any MR16 bulb with the desired color temperature for your application.
  • It creates a unique ambiance or offers functional illumination for walkways, garden lighting, and other desired applications.
  • They have maximum flexibility in power options with single or multiple LED Light transformers in both dimmable or non-dimmable transformers.
  • Comes with housing (installation using housing is optional)
  •  These recessed lights have an aesthetic appeal and are popularly installed as LED pathway lights, pool deck lights, and patio lights.
  • IP 67 rating makes the light stay lit in all types of weather and is resilient to being stepped upon.
  • For any queries, contact us and we can guide you for any of our products.
  • Shipment available, depending upon the location.
  • Have 2 years of store warranty
Dimensions with Housing

Overall Diameter – 105 mm (4.125 inches)

Cut Size – 84.30 mm (3.32 inches)

Depth – 120 mm (4.7 inches)

Dimensions without Housing

Overall Diameter – 105 mm (4.13 inch)

Cut Size – 80 mm (3.125 inches)

Depth – 92.5 mm (3.625 inches)

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