Mi-Light 2.4G 4-zone RGB LED strip controller FUT037 (B3)

Sku: 666561412869

Part Number: FUT035

Supply Voltage: DC 12V/24V (optional)

Max Power: 288W-12VDC, 576W-24VDC

Output Channel: 1 Single Channel

Total Output Current: 10A

External Dimension:  85*64*24mm(receiver), 113*55*13mm(remote)

Connection Mode: Common Cathode/Common Anode

Working Temperature: -20-60°C

Communication Distance: 30 meters


Works with 4 zone panel : B3 Click Here

1.   RF dimmer/ controller , 2.4G rf wireless 4 zones group remote individual control

2.   Support Remote and wifi , compatible ios and android system

3.   Brightness dimming 100%-1%, night light function

4.   Smart wifi rgb flexible strip controller, 12v-24v

5.   Effective receiving distance nearly 30m

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