Mi-Light 2.4G multi white wireless WiFi dimmer FUT036 (B1)

Sku: 666561412852

– Max. 12A output current
– Control systems, voltage 12-24V
– LED indication of power on the unit and the communication between the pilot and the controller
– 12 -24V power
– Operating temperature -20 to +40 degrees


Works with 4 zone panel : B1 Click Here

The device uses the most advanced technologies.
It has a memory function (previous settings will be resumed in the re-supply).
With technology 2.4G wireless remote control high frequency has the characteristics of low power consumption, long range and has a strong anti-interference ability.
The pilot looks fashionable and elegant. It has a modern and practical dimming function, touch screen remote control makes it easy to use.
The controller easily adapts to all types of products LED lights 12V-24V

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