Mi-Light 2.4GHz RGB+CCT strip controller FUT039 (B4)

Sku: 666561412821

Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
Supports Wi-Fi: Yes – WiFi link bridge (FUT097) or WiFi iBox (iBox1) required
Smartphone/Tablet control: YES – WiFi link bridge (FUT097) or WiFi iBox (iBox1) and Mi-Light Android or iOS app required
Memory of the last program/setting: YES
Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 ° C
Input voltage: DC 12-24V
Maximum output current: 24A (6A per channel colour)
Power output: 288 W max
DC Power Type: 5,5×2,1 mm
Operating Humidity: 30% – 85%
Connection to strip RGBW: by 5-wire cable – twisted ankle
Controller Dimensions: 86x46x23 mm (L, W, H)
Controller Weight: approx. 45g
Power consumption vigil controller: <1W
Connection to strip RGBW: 5 channels (Red, Green, Blue, White, V +).


Works with 4 zone panel: B4 Click Here


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