Mi-Light 4-Zone Single Color Smart Panel Remote Controller B1 FUT036

Sku: 666561412906

Model No.: B1

Voltage: 3V (2*AAA Battery)

Transmission Frequency: 2400 – 2483.5MHz’

Transmitting Power: 6dBm

Control Distance: 30m

Standby Power: 20uA

Each zone needs one receiver of model #FUT036  Click Here


Length – 86 mm (3.39 inch)

Width –  86 mm (3.39 inch)

Depth – 33 mm (1.30 inch)

  • The control panel is a very important element supplementing the entire installation of intelligent lighting in the home. With big possibilities of application, MILIGHT – 4-Zone Brightness Dimming Smart Panel Remote Controller – B1 is a product that can be repeatedly used.
  • LED lighting is a hit in recent years. Not surprisingly, in the end it is the light of ecological and economical. Manufacturers, however, went a step further by offering intelligent lighting system. With it you can easily manage the whole light in a particular room. The panel is used both in the home or apartment, as well as in all businesses, hotels, shops, restaurants etc. Spotlight allow extraction of a particular beauty of the individual design elements.
  • The use of one panel arranged for example on the wall, allows to control the lighting in the house. This proposal looks aesthetically and professionally. The touch panel with only one finger allows you to change the settings. You can change the intensity of the light, so that you conjure up an extraordinary atmosphere in its interior.
  • The control panel is a great idea for a decree light. It is practical, particularly with regard to children’s room lighting or stairs. This is the place where great importance to security issues. With the panel alone will decide at which time the light will shine, and what it will take intensity.gner trends, ecological and allow you to receive bills of electricity at a reasonable height, adequate consumption.

Link: Turn off the power, then turn on again 5 seconds, press ”I” 3 times within 3 seconds. The Led light blinks 3 times slowly when it is done.

Unlink: Turn off the power, then turn on again after 5 seconds, press “I” 5 times within 3 seconds. The Led light blinks 10 times swiftly when it is done.

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