RGBW DMX Controller EM1114B 4X4A Decoder

Sku: 666561406479
Voltage: 12~24v (DC)
4 chanel RGBW
Current: 16A (MAX) 4x4A
Dimensions: Length 176mm, Width 41mm, Height 32mm (6.9″x1.6″x1.3″)

EM1114B is one of the High PWM FREQ(2000Hz) divers which can drive 4 independent channels  up to 4A.  And which has been designed  to make installation simple and to save time by  using the terminal blocks and DMX address set freely with the DIP switch.

Product Features:

1. 4 Channles 256 Grey Levels to create 1.6 billion colors
2. Master dim facility for precise colour control
3. 4 Channles PWM output up to 16A
4. High-end design look and excellent quality

Product Specification:



Uin=DC12~24V      Iin=20A




Uout=DC12~24V       Iout= 4CH x 4A      Pout= 182~384W


LED connection: 4-pin terminal connector


Channle bonding: Common Anode


Control Input:


Dimming Control: DMX512/1990


Connection:RJ45 Port In/Out


Dimming Range: 0~100%


DMX Address Range: 001~512 via DIP


Pre-Programs: Refer to the testing programs


Mechanical :


Mounting: Four 3mm  holes for fixing


Construction: Stell casing




Product Dimensions: L148×W48×H28mm


Package Size: L152×W52×H32mm


Weight: G.W.210g


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