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Small Square-Flat LED Recessed Lights

Sku: 666561405571


1. Residential lighting
2. Office lighting
3. Display case lighting
4. Art lighting
5. Boat lighting
6. Accent lighting

1. Quick start, no flicker, protecting people’s eyes.

2. mini led 1w is Environment-friendly: no mercury, no leak, no ultraviolet, no noise or other hazardous substances.

3.Low power consumption and high energy efficiency.

4. led inside cabinet lighting is ideal for furniture decorative lighting.

5. Dimmable 1w led ceiling light is optional.

6. Energy saving: over 60% (comparing with incandescent lamp)

7. Long life span: 40,000 hours for each 1w spotlight 12v

8. this series mini ceiling light can make as 1w 3w, single light including red, green, blue, yellow, white light.

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