SPDT Toggle Switch 5A 125VAC On-On (Pack of 2)

Sku: 666561403560

Voltage Rating-

-125 VAC at 5A

-250 VAC at 3A

Actuator Material: Brass, Stainless Steel coated

Case: Red thermoplastic

Termination: wire lug

Dimension: Height 33mm (1.29″), diameter 12mm (0.47″)

Circuit Type: SPDT

Switch Function: On-On


  • ON-ON switch has three terminals, common and two switched, when one is on the other is off, and vice versa. (single pole, double throw).
  • It is a single-pole,  SP switches control only one electrical circuit with a double-throw (SPDT).
  • Throw refers to the extreme position of the actuator,  This switch closes a circuit in the Up position, as well as the Down position (On-On).
  • These switches are well suited for designs requiring human interface via a toggle or rocker-style switch.
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