Type 91 Recessed Light profile Inner Ceiling 3Meter 118in

Sku: 666561418304

Popular channel for recessing in drywall. 

Material: Aluminum

Color: Silver surface finish

Diffuser style:  Frosted.

Diffuser Material: Opal


Length – 3000 mm (118 inches)

Overall Width (with Leap)– 45.5 mm (1.77 inches)

Height (From the diffuser) – 13.3 mm (0.5 inches)

Base Width- 25.7 mm (1 inch)

Inner Width- 10mm (0.38 inch)

  • It comes in 9.8 feet / 118 inches which can be cut into any custom size. We can also cut the channels and stick strip lights and pass along the right transformer.
  • It can be cut using a regular hack saw.
  • Mostly used for all kinds of indoor drywall, general contractor projects.
  • Several lengths can be positioned together.
  • Channel is installed in drywall using gypsum or mounting adhesive.
  • It gives a linear light from the planes of walls or ceilings without any visibility of the aluminum channel.
  • Acts as a heat sink for the LED Strip installed in it, increasing the lifetime of  the LEDs
  • With base height from the strip to the diffuser 9 mm, gives a clean and posh look without any visibility of dots.
  • Can be recessed in a groove or mounted onto the surface using double-sided tape or screw in.
  • It comes with a frosted diffuser along with the end caps with wiring holes.
  • Endcaps can be easily mounted at the end of the project.
  • The diffuser helps in reducing light glare.
  • The diffuser gives protection from dust and avoids any kind of damage to the LEDs.
  • Aluminum material being corrosion free can be used even for outdoor purposes with waterproof strip lights (IP 66 and higher rating) and the endcaps should be sealed with silicon to avoid getting in contact with water.
  • Lightweight and environment-friendly channel.
  • For any queries, contact us and we can guide you for any of our products.
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