5 Channels LED Controller

SKU: 666561403423



Voltage 12~24V DC
Wattage 4A Each Channel Max
Overall 20A (12/24V) Max
Usage RGB Color LED’s
Remote Battery 3V Lithium Battery
Dimensions  106 x 70 x 29mm (4.17 x 2.76 x 1.14in)



  • Compatible with all popular RGB LED strips and other low voltage RGB lamps.
  • It has user-friendly operations and is easy to use.
  • It can withstand a maximum current load of 20A
  • It adjusts color under the static mode.
  • Jump, fade-in, and out with pause function.
  • The remote switches with three function modes:
  1. The first one controls 5 channels Output (R, G, B, W, WW) for four or five colors of LED products (WRGBWW led strips).
  2. The second one can control 3 channels output(R, G, B), for three colors of LED products (RGB LED strips, RGB bulbs, lamps, and so on)
  3. The third one can control 2 channels output(W, WW), for single color LED product or that with two colors.
(Brightness dimming for single color lights, and RGB+W, RGB+WW for multi-color)

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