15M(49.2ft) RGB LED Neon light Strip FS-5050-RGB-Neon-24-WP, Dimmable Silicone Waterproof Casing Side Emitting.

SKU: 666561409814


Model FS-5050-RGB-Neon-24-WP
Wattage 14.4W per meter (4.5W/ft)
Input Voltage 24V DC
Color RGB
LED Type 5050 SMD 
Dimmable Yes
Waterproof Rating IP66 [Weatherproof]
Dimensions 15000mm x 22mm  (590.5in x 0.86in) 



  • The package includes a 24V Power Supply, Mounting Accessories, and a Touchscreen RGB Remote control.
  • Has a lifespan of a minimum of 50,000 hours.
  • It gives uniform, completely smooth, and even light.
  • Please ensure to cut only on the marked intervals (every 4 inches). And do not forget to seal the ends with the provided endcaps and make them airtight.
  • It dissipates a very little amount of heat and is safe to touch.
  • It is the best replacement for a neon light.
  • You can either install these lights either through mounting clips or on an aluminum U channel to make a linear application
  • While installing in the U-channel please ensure that the mounting clips fit inside the channels perfectly.
  • Note that inline connectors may not fit into the channel, so review and plan first.
  • These lights are not only brighter but also, environment-friendly as compared to Neon lights that release harmful gases into the air.
  • The white color for the RGB LED strip light is a mixture of red, green, and blue, so the white is not pure.
  • With an IP67 rating, making it is weatherproof and fully protected from water and dust.
  • Each strip light roll is hand-tested for quality assurance.
  • For longer durability, please avoid bending tighter than a 50mm angle,90° bend, spine bend, or twist.
  • The power supplies are UL listed for Class 2 low voltage luminaires, fixtures, and RoHS compliant.
  • Contact us for assistance with any of our quality products if required.
  • Have 2 years of store warranty.

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