Leviton ODC0S-I1W Ceiling Mount PIR Occupancy Sensor and Switching Relay 120V 60Hz

SKU: 078477881880


Model ODC0S-I1W
Voltage 120V AC
Frequency 60Hz
Input Current 8.3A
Power Consumption 1.4W
Rated load for Incandescent 1000W @120V
Rated Load for Inductive Fluorescent 1000VA @120V
Time Adjustment 20sec-15min
Field of View 360° with 530Sq ft of coverage
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Storing Temperature -10°C to 85°C
IP Rating IP20 (Indoor Rated)



  • Leviton’s self-contained passive infrared ceiling occupancy sensor is the cost-effective choice where installation of the recessed ceiling unit is difficult, inconvenient, or costly.
  • This light is ideal for storage areas, small bathrooms, copy rooms, mop/sink closets, or similar small spaces without wall switches.
  • The self-contained ceiling sensor does not require an external control unit for power or switching the load on and off.
  • Sensor and switching relay in one unit reduces labor and the need for additional materials.
  • It has a 360° field-of-view with approximately 530 sq. ft. of coverage when mounted at 8 ft. Thereby reducing the number of additional sensors typically required in many spaces.
  • It has adjustable Delayed-OFF time settings between 20 sec and 15 min. It allows custom adjustment for maximum savings.
  • The Hold-OFF feature allows an ambient light override option to prevent the sensor from switching lights ON when ample natural sunlight is available.
  • The sensor has a segmented Fresnel lens. This lens contains 79 segments for optimum sensitivity and detection performance.
  • One can use any standard A/C toggle switch to provide manual-OFF override so that lights can be switched OFF manually.
  • It has a red LED indicator. It flashes when the sensor detects motion, to verify power placement and function of the sensor during installation.

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