Spooky Halloween Lighting Ideas!- Product Image PC: Pixx from FreeImages
30 Oct

Halloween is around the corner and people are busy getting dressed up and buying spooky decorations. Lighting the decorations is one of the most important parts of our Halloween celebrations for creating a spine chilling experience.  Here are some ideas that can help you create a ghostly atmosphere.

Lighting Your Pumpkin

After all the hollowing and carving of your pumpkin, added lighting to it creates a creepy atmosphere. Adding candles to light the pumpkin is the old-fashioned traditional way. You either burn your hand, pumpkin with its heat, or the light blows away with the wind. Different kinds of lights have come into the market. You can use battery-operated candle lights or other cool LED lightings like fairy lights, ball lighting, small lanterns with led bulbs

Glow your decorations

When you think of Halloween, it also reminds you of your family. The annual tradition to dress up and decorate, turning the garage into a haunted house for all the neighborhood children. And passing out candies to friends and neighborhood children. The holiday should be worth remembering. Usually, all the decorations die away in the dark without lights. However, if you add multi-color floodlights or the Wall Washers, it not just highlights the features but also enhances the darkness and makes it look more dreadful. The lights can either be focussed on the same color for all decorations or can be used for different colors to highlight a specific feature using RGB spotlights. Blue, green, and purple lighting give an eerie effect that creates some frightening atmosphere.

Outdoor spotlights

PC: Carol Lee

Pointing the spotlight at light-colored props like skeletons, tombstones, and ghosts will make them look like they glow in the dark. The multi-color spotlights allow you to change different colors and are perfect for Halloween settings. These lights are not just for Halloween, you can reuse them during the Christmas holidays and any other kinds of different occasions.

Decorative lighting

PC: Neo brand

Outdoor strip lights, stringers, and wall washers are few options to light your yard or porch with your Halloween decorations for some heart-pounding view.

DIY costumes with low voltage LEDs

Make your costume unique and eye-catching with your lighting costume. You have many options to light your costume. Be it through programmable LEDs, strip lighting, Neon lighting, or  EL wire on a black suit. You have many options to light up your Halloween costume.

P.S. Don’t forget to make the popular scary clown with spooky (LED) eyes this Halloween or any of your favorite comic characters.