FS-2835-CW&WW-196-24-NS Dim to Warm Hybrid Strip 5M Roll

Sku: 666561425722

Dim to Warm (1800K-4000K) LED Strip

Model: FS-2835-2835-CW&WW-196-24-NS

LED Style: 2835

No. of LED’s: 196 LEDs/m

Voltage: 24 V DC

Wattage: 5.3 W/Ft (85W/5m)

Color Temperature: 1800K – 4000K

Adjustable color temperature from Candlelight White to Natural White

IP Rating: IP20 (Indoor Rated)

Rendering Index: CRI >95

Dimmable: Yes (Dimming changes to Soft White)

Cut Point: 2.8 inches (Every 14 LEDs)

Mood Lighting-The more You dim, the warmer is the light

Have 2 years of store warranty.