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LED Lights and Parts is a Wholesaler and Distributor Company that was established in February 2009.  We manufacture, stock, store, sell and ship a large selection of LED lights and parts products and solutions. We have been serving the lighting industry in Canada and the US, accompanied with two shows rooms in Vancouver and Abbotsford for more than a decade. 

We have built a solid reputation by providing designers, architects, contractors, and builders with quality LED solutions coupled with ingenuity and professional attitude in every aspect in our business.

We pride ourselves on quality, product design, implementation, and unbeatable customer service. Our number one goal is to make our customers’ lives easier. Our customers appreciate the dedication we have for their lighting demands and they believe our passion is not to be hesitant. We commit ourselves to understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs, from helping them choose the right product, to making their desired custom design in any area of their choice. Our skilled and educated staff are always prepared to assist.

LED Backlighting for Sign and Behind Stone and Glass

luminate your signs, stone installations, and glass features with our low-voltage LED backlighting solutions. We offer a wide selection of color temperatures, allowing you to set the perfect mood for your space, with options such as 2700K for a warm and inviting glow, 3000K for a cozy atmosphere, and 6500K for crisp and vibrant illumination.

For those looking to infuse a splash of color and creativity, we also provide RGB LED backlighting, allowing you to choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors to make your designs truly stand out. Whether you're highlighting signage, enhancing the beauty of stone, or adding a touch of brilliance to glass, our LED backlighting offers the versatility and customization you need for stunning results.

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Custom Projects

  • Precision Cutting: We cut indoor or outdoor LED strips to exact size, soldering power feeds, and incorporating joiners for non-straight applications.
  • Tailored LED Channels: We customize LED channels to the desired size, providing versatility for various applications.
  • Installation Service: Optional service available for installing LED strips into channels if required.
  • Cutting-edge Machinery: Utilizing advanced machinery, we precisely cut cables or wires to exact sizes within minutes, ensuring they are ready for soldering.
  • Burn Test: For most custom projects, we conduct an overnight burn test to guarantee the optimal functionality of custom LED strips.
  • Fixture Repair: Our services extend to fixing various light fixtures, including ceiling lights, chandeliers, and landscape lights.
  • Specialized Projects: We specialize in creating unique projects, such as backlighting behind stone walls or tables.
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LED Under Cabinet Lights

Cabinet lights 12V used primarily for under kitchen cupboards and storage cabinets. LED cabinet lights is an appealing light useful in a shed, important work areas, Choose from a variety of easy to install styles to suit your decor and lighting needs. LED Cabinet lighting will instantly transform the look and feel of your kitchen with so many options to choose like, different sizes, square, Round, variety of body colors (White, Black, Red, Blue, Silver Gray, Brush Nickel), variety of Color Temperature (CCT).  

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Wall Lights

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