Motion PIR Sensor Switch 12V~24V DC 2A

SKU: 666561415426



Voltage 12~24V DC
Power 2A Max
Effective Range <1.5m
Detection Angle 110°
Delay Time 45 Seconds
Temperature -20~45°C
Dimensions 69x28x17mm (2.7x1.1x0.65in)


  • PIR sensors are used in thermal sensing applications, such as security and motion detection.
  • It automatically turns your 12V/24V LED lights ON/OFF.
  • This sensor switch is designed for small luminaire LEDs like closet lighting, wardrobe, cabinet lights, or low voltage lamps
  • The sensor switch activates the switch when a body in motion enters the field of view (<1.5 meters)
  • It switches off when motion has ceased after 45 seconds.
  • Please ensure that the power supply output current does not exceed 2A
  • This sensor has a broader detection angle (110°) thereby, they can be easily recessed to hide it except the sensor area.

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