13C MR16 Light Fixture (Chrome), 2.5 inch Round Concave style Recessed lighting Pinhole Trim

SKU: 666561407421


Model  13C
Trim Color  Polished Chrome
Trim Material High-Quality Aluminum
Trim Shape Concave style Round
Compatible MR16 Lights VBD-TR5-W (2400K2700K3000K3500K4000K5000K)
Trim Type Pinhole Trim
Slot Adjustability None
Outer Diameter 94mm (3.7 inches)
Cut Size 64.16mm (2.5 inches)
Depth 23.30 mm (0.91 inches)


  • Can be directly recessed in a cut hole or for your 2.5-inch standard recessed housing.
  • It easily attaches the 12-volt MR16 light to your new designer quality trim.
  • Trim available in White, black, and chrome finish.
  • Recessed trims add a detailed touch of class to your downlighting, match your interior design, and add an additional appeal.
  • Contact us for more assistance and to know more about bulk orders.
Note: MR16 Bulb is not included, needs to buy separately.

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