Silicone Thermal Grease Paste HY510 (30gr)

SKU: 666561429218



Model HY510
Color Grey
Thermal Conductivity >1.93 W/m-K
Thermal Impedance <0.225 °C-in²/W
Specific Gravity >2 g/cm³
Viscosity 1000
Thixotropic Index 380±10 1/10mm
Moment Bore Temperature -50°C~300°C
Operation Temperature -30°C~280°C
Ingredients Silicone Compounds = 50%
Carbon Compounds = 30%
Metal Oxide Compounds = 20%


  • Clean the CPU and heat sink surfaces, Wipe the surface lightly with a cotton ball or cotton swab dampened with alcohol or our thermal cleanser. 
  • Place a tiny drop of thermal grease to the center of the cooler base, smear it evenly with scraper or finger cot, best thickness is 0.13~0.15mm.
  • Attach the heat sink to the processor and Avoid removing the heat sink after installing it.

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