White LED Track Light Head VBD-LW-TRB30W-5C-W-XX, 120V 30W 5CCT(2.7K, 3K, 3.5K, 4K, 5K)

SKU: 666561434342-434625




Model  VBD-LW-TRB30W-5C-W-XX
Input Voltage
120V AC
Wattage 30W
Frequency 60Hz
Color Temperature 5CCT Selectable Color Temperature
2700K (Soft White)
3000K (Warm White)
3500K (Mid-Warm White)
4000K (Natural White)
5000K (Daylight)
Available Lenses (Beam Angle)
12º, 24º, 36º, 60º
Brightness 2100lm @2700K
2150lm @3000K
2200lm @3500K
2250lm @4000K
2370lm @5000K
Rendering Index CRI 92
Color White
Lifespan 50,000 hours 
Dimmable Yes (Triac Dimming)
Style H-Type 
Dimensions Ø 95 x 130 x 169mm (3.7 x 5.1 x 6.6in)
LED Track Mounting (Sold Separately) White LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434366
Black LED Track Channel SKU: 666561434373
LED Track Monopoint Canopy SKU: 666561434526
Accessories (Sold Separately)

Track Mini Joiner SKU: 666561434403
Track Angle Joiner SKU: 666561434489
Track L Joiner SKU: 666561434427
Track T Joiner SKU: 666561434441
Track Cross Joiner SKU: 666561434465
Track Live End SKU: 666561434380
Track Floating Canopy SKU: 666561434502
Track Suspension Kit SUK: 666561434540 


  • Operates at 120V with a 30W power rating, suitable for various spaces.
  • Choose from 5CCT selectable options ranging from 2700K to 5000K for the perfect ambiance.
  • Adjust the lighting angle with included beam angle lens options to meet specific needs.
  • With a high CRI of 92, colors appear vibrant and true to life, enhancing the space's look.
  • Triac dimming capability allows precise adjustment of brightness levels to match different requirements.
  • Designed for seamless integration with Type H track systems, ensuring straightforward installation.

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