4 inch Retrofit Dimmable Downlight HT-EAD4-0912W-402AP-CC, 120V 12W 4000K(Natural White)

SKU: 666561411916



Model  HT-EAD4-0912W-402AP-CC
Voltage 120V AC
Wattage 12W
Color Temperature 4000K (Natural White)
Brightness 780 Lumens
Dimmable  Yes
Rendering Index CRI>90
IP Rating IP20 (Dry Locations)
Mounting Plate (Sold Separately) MP-UNV-346     SKU: 666561433796
MP4   SKU: 666561433789
Dimensions Overall Diameter - 130 mm (5 inches)
Depth - 70 mm (2.7 inches)



  • Perfect fit for 4-inch housing can: This retrofit/downlight is designed to fit perfectly into a 4-inch (10.16 cm) housing can, ensuring a seamless installation process.
  • 5-inch outer diameter: The downlight has a 5-inch outer diameter, providing a compact and aesthetically pleasing design.
  • E-26 screw-in type connector: The package includes an E-26 screw-in type connector, allowing for easy and convenient installation.
  • Energy-efficient replacement for halogen lights: This downlight serves as a good replacement for halogen lights, utilizing only 12W of energy while providing comparable brightness.
  • Widely applicable for ceiling lights with existing 4-inch can: It is suitable for a wide range of ceiling lights, particularly those with existing 4-inch cans, making it a versatile choice for various installations.
  • Long lifespan: With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this downlight offers long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Low heat dissipation and safe to touch: The downlight dissipates very little heat, making it safe to touch even during extended use.
  • Suitable for dry and damp locations: It is designed to be used in both dry and damp locations, providing flexibility in its application.
  • Energy-saving: This downlight saves up to 80% of power compared to incandescent and CFL bulbs, contributing to energy efficiency and reduced electricity costs.
  • Energy Star certified: The downlight is highly efficient and bears the Energy Star logo, ensuring its compliance with energy-saving standards and regulations.
  • Meets Canadian and United States standards: It is approved by electrical inspectors and complies with UL STD. E363013, meeting the safety and quality standards for both Canada and the United States.

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