TYP LED4 4Way Distributor Box 2-pin DuPont Terminal for LED Cabinet Lights 2Meters(6.5Feet)

SKU: 666561426118




Model VBUN-DIS-4
Voltage Rating 24V DC
Current Rating 3A max
Port Type DuPont Port
No. connecting Ports 4 ports
Pins 2-pin
Material PVC
Color White
Wire Length 2 Meters (6.56 Feet)
Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Dimensions 41.30 x 37.68 x 10 mm (1.32 x 1.48 x 0.39 in)


  • It helps to connect up to (4) LED Cabinet Bars, LED Puck Lights to one distributor.
  • Connect this distributor to the same voltage output power supply for easy installation.
  • We also carry a 3-way distributor for LED cabinets or any low voltage LED light

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