4 Way RGB Connection

SKU: 666561405731


RGB color LED Light Strip 4PIN Female Connectors No Need SolderingColor:white;Material:High temperature siliconeRange of use: LED LIGHT STRIP CONNECTORConnector for led strip lights RGB 3528 5050Criss-Cross "+ Shape" 360 degree Corner Connector for 3528 5050 RGB Led StripNew connector female 4 pins 4way " + " shape LED Strip Light+ shpe 4 ports solderless no weldingPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:+-Shape 4PIN 4Ports Connector for led strip lights RGB 3528 5050 Hard plastic housing Best working with RGB 3528 5050 color LED strip. No need welding,no need soldering Easy use,just connect the RGB strips with the 4 pins plug/connector/adapter Enables customer to have flexible LED strip light across right angle WITHOUT cutting and re-connecting them. Package:x+Shape 4pin 4way Female Connector of LED RGB Strip

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