5M(16.4ft) Side Emitting Addressable(SK6812) LED Strip 4020, 90(LEDs/m) Digital RGB

SKU: 666561425418



Model VBDFS-4020-RGB-90-5-NS
Wattage 9W per meter ( 3W/ft)
Output Voltage 5V DC
LED Qty 90 LEDs per meter
Chip Type SK6812
Dimmable Yes
Cut Size Every LED (Addressable RGB LED) (0.5 inch)
LED Type 4020 SMD (Side Emitting LED)
Chip Type SK6812
Color  RGB
IP Rating IP20 
Dimensions 5000mm x 8mm x 2.7mm (196.8in x 0.31in x 0.1in)



  • Applications include signage, LED guardrail tube, scene lighting, LED point source, LED pixel screen, Custom LED screen, and other variety of electronic products, electrical types of equipment.
  • Each lighting element is a pixel and the output is driven by patented PWM technology, that guarantees high color consistency across all pixels.
  • Robust SMD internal integrated high-quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC.
  • This side-emitting LED strip is also available in 144 LED/m, in a 2 Meter roll.
  • Each SMD has a built-in SK6812 Smart Control Circuit. It helps in making the RGB chip in outer SMD into a fully controlled pixel.
  • These Digital LED strips can be controlled with computers and other DMX or Digital Controllers

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