6C MR16 Light Fixture (Chrome), 3 inch Round Recessed lighting Surface Adjustable Gimbal Trim

SKU: 666561407223


Model  6C
Trim Color Polished Chrome
Trim Type Gimbal Trim
Trim Material Aluminum
Trim Shape Round
Package Content Recessed Trim with MR16 Base.
Slot Adjustability Adjustable slot
Outer Diameter 97.60 mm (3.84 inches)
Cut Size 75 mm (3 inches)
Depth 23 mm (0.9 inches)



  • It can be directly recessed in a cut hole or for your 3-inch recessed housing to provide a fully adjustable spotlight. This trim comes with a cable that easily attaches to any MR16 bulb.
  • This is a metallic trim with an adjustable ring on its surface.
  • This surface adjustable, directional trim gives the most flexibility in directing light. 
  • Contact us for more assistance and to know more about bulk orders.
Note: MR16 Bulb is not included, needs to buy separately.

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