8ft White H-Type LED Track Lighting Channel VBD-0308-TCHW

SKU: 666561434366



Model  VBD-0308-TCHW
Dimensions 2400 x 35 x 18mm (94.4 x 1.35 x 0.7in)
LED Track Light Head (Sold Separately)
12W White Track Light Head SKU: 666561434304
20W White Track Light Head SKU: 666561434328
30W White Track Light Head SKU: 666561434342
12W Black Track Light Head SKU: 666561434311
20W Black Track Light Head SKU: 666561434335
30W Black Track Light Head SKU: 666561434359
Accessories (Sold Separately)

Track Mini Joiner SKU: 666561434403
Track Angle Joiner SKU: 666561434489
Track L Joiner SKU: 666561434427
Track T Joiner SKU: 666561434441
Track Cross Joiner SKU: 666561434465
Track Live End SKU: 666561434380
Track Floating Canopy SKU: 666561434502
Track Suspension Kit SUK: 666561434540 



  • Versatile indoor lighting solution for various indoor applications
  • Modern design with a sleek white finish complements any interior decor
  • Compatible with H-type track systems for easy installation
  • Stable mounting platform ensures secure support and precise positioning
  • Generous 8ft length provides ample coverage and flexibility for lighting arrangements
  • Delivers focused and adjustable lighting to enhance kitchens, living rooms, offices, and retail spaces

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