B3BJM1203 Landscape LED Lights, 24V 36W RGB

SKU: 666561417246



Model B3BJM1258
Voltage 24V DC
Power Consumption 36W
Light Source 12 x 3W LEDs
Color RGB
Beam Angle 25°
Rotation Capability 90° Horizontal, 180° Diagonal
IP Rating IP65 (Suitable for Wet Locations)
Dimensions Ø 162 x 235 x 258 mm (6.375 x 9.25 x 10.15 in)


  • The B3BJM1203 Landscape LED Light is a versatile outdoor lighting fixture with RGB color options.
  • Operates on a 24V DC voltage with a power consumption of 36W, providing energy efficiency.
  • Utilizes 12 x 3W LEDs as its light source for bright and efficient illumination in various colors.
  • Offers an RGB color scheme for customizable lighting for different occasions and settings.
  • Dark grey body color provides a sleek and modern look that blends well with outdoor environments.
  • Features a beam angle of 25° for focused lighting in a specific direction.
  • Provides rotation capability of 90° horizontally and 180° diagonally for flexible light adjustment.
  • IP65 rating ensures suitability for wet locations and resistance to dust and water.
  • Dimensions are Ø 162 x 235 x 258 mm (6.375 x 9.25 x 10.15 in).
  • ETL certified, indicating compliance with relevant safety standards.
  • Versatile and attractive lighting solution for outdoor applications, adding a decorative touch.

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