Black Silicone Flexible LED Neon channel VBD-N2020-SF-B, 5m (16.4ft) max

SKU: 666561432782




Model VBD-N2020-SF-B
Material Silicone
Fixture color Black
Diffuser color  Black
Dimensions  H 20mm x W 20mm (H 0.78in x W 0.78in)
Maximum Length 5m (16.4ft)
Compatible LED Strip Width Up to 12mm
  • Mounting Clips
  • Flexible Clips 
  • Linear Mounting
Accessories (Sold Separately) End caps: VBD-EN2020-B
SKU: 666561432799
Mounting Clips: VBD-CLN2020-MC
SKU: 666561432829
Flexible Clips: VBD-CLN2020-FC
SKU: 666561432805
Linear Mounting: VBD-CLN2020-LI
SKU: 666561432812


Compatible LED Strips (Sold Separately)

Model Voltage Wattage
Color Temperature Width SKU
VBDFS-E2835-2700-168-24-NS-10 24V 4.2w/ft 2700K (Soft White) 10mm 666561433192
VBDFS-E2835-3000-168-24-NS-10 24V 4.2w/ft 3000K (Warm White) 10mm 666561433208
VBDFS-E2835-3500-168-24-NS-10 24V 4.2w/ft 3500K (Mid-Warm White) 10mm 666561433215
VBDFS-E2835-4000-168-24-NS-10 24V 4.2w/ft 4000K (Natural White) 10mm 666561433222
VBDFS-E2835-5000-168-24-NS-10 24V 4.2w/ft 5000K (Daylight) 10mm 666561433239
VBDFS-A5050-RGB60K-84-24-NS-10  24V 4.5w/ft RGB+60K 10mm 666561433253
VBDFS-A5050-RGB27K-96-24-NS-12 24V 4.5w/ft RGB+27K 12mm 666561433246


  • Cutting-edge LED channel combining style and functionality for elevated lighting projects.
  • Crafted from high-quality silicone material in a sleek black color for sophistication and modernity.
  • Black diffuser ensures even and soft light diffusion, creating an alluring and seamless lighting effect.
  • Dimensions: H 20mm x W 20mm (H 0.78in x W 0.78in) for a robust profile and accommodation of LED strips up to 12mm in width.
  • Versatile for various lighting setups, from accent lighting to architectural displays.
  • Maximum length of 5m (16.4ft) for flexible installation in various spaces.
  • Installation options: flush-mount for a seamless appearance, surface-mount for a professional finish.
  • Optional accessories (sold separately) for easy installation and customization.
  • Model No: VBD-N2020-SF-B perfect for residential, commercial, and hospitality lighting projects.
  • Trust in our high-quality product to create captivating lighting designs with impeccable design and performance.

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