Constant Current Receiver SR-1009FA7, 700MA 12-36VDC 33.6-100.8W

SKU: 666561430832



Model SR-1009FA7 (R-3A)
Input Voltage 12-36V DC
Output Wattage 33.6W @12V DC
67.2W @24V DC
100.8W @36V DC
Output Current 4 x 700mA
(4CH x 700mA/CH)
Compatible Remote Controllers (Sold Separately) SR-2819S-DIM (R1)
SR-2819S RGBW (R3)
Case Temperature(Tc) 75℃
Ambient Temperature(Ta) 20℃-+50℃
Dimensions 164 x 47 x 23mm (6.45 x 1.8 x 0.8in)



  • This LED Receiver provides a constant current of 700mA for 4 channels.
  • It is fully compatible with a range of single color, dual color, and RGB/RGBW RF remotes.
  • The Receiver allows for separate or synchronous control of multiple zones, with an unlimited number of receivers in each zone.
  • Up to 8 different remotes can control each receiver.
  • The brightness of each R, G, B, and W channel can be adjusted to create millions of color combinations.
  • The Receiver supports radio frequencies of 869.5/434/916.5MHz.

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