OTTIMA OTM-TD9 Constant Current Triac Dimming LED Driver, 750mA 7-12V 9W

SKU: 666561424817


Model OTM-TD9
Input Voltage 90-130V AC
Input Current 0.1A
Input Frequency 48-62Hz
Power Factor PF>0.95
Efficiency >85%
Output Regulated Current 750mA
Output Power 9W
Output Voltage 7-12V DC
Dimmable Yes (Triac Dimming)
 Ambient temperature (Ta) 40°C
Case Temperature (Tc) 90°C
IP Rating IP20 (Indoor use only)
Dimensions 94 x 36 x 18.5mm (3.7 x 1.42 x 0.72 in)
Class Certification Class II



  • Ottima OTM-TD9 constant current LED driver
  • Regulated current output: 750mA, maximum output power: 9W
  • Input voltage range: 90-130V AC, input current: 0.1A, input frequency: 48-62Hz
  • High power factor (PF>0.95) and efficiency (>85%)
  • Suitable for LEDs requiring an output voltage range of 7-12V DC
  • Dimmable with Triac dimming for easy control of light levels
  • Ambient temperature range: up to 40°C, case temperature: up to 90°C
  • IP20 rated for indoor use
  • Compact dimensions: 94 x 36 x 18.5mm (3.7 x 1.42 x 0.72 in)
  • Class II certified for double insulation and safety
  • Suitable for various LED lighting applications including indoor, commercial, and architectural lighting.

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