OTM-W200-36F 0-10V Dimming Constant Voltage LED Driver 36V 200W

SKU: 666561430344



Model No OTM-W200-36-F
Input Voltage 100-277V AC
Input Current 2.78A
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Output Voltage 36V DC
Output Current 5.6A
Wattage 200W
Dimmable  Yes (0-10 Dimming)
IP Rating IP67 (Dry, Damp, and Wet Locations)
Dimensions 393 x 83.45 x 59.78mm (15.47 x 3.28 x 2.35in)
Ambient Temperature(Ta) 40℃
Case Temperature(Tc) 85℃



  • Specifically designed for constant voltage applications
  • Reliable and efficient power supply
  • Versatile control options with 0-10V dimming capability
  • Wide input voltage range of 100V to 277V AC for compatibility with various electrical systems
  • Input current of 2.78A for efficient power consumption
  • Operates within the standard frequency range of 50-60 Hz
  • Provides stable and constant output voltage of 36V DC for consistent performance
  • Output current of 5.6A to supply sufficient power to connected LED load
  • Capable of delivering up to 200 watts of power for a wide range of LED lighting systems
  • Dimming functionality supporting 0-10V dimming for adjustable brightness levels
  • IP67 rating for protection against dust, water, and other external elements
  • Compact dimensions for easy installation and integration into lighting systems
  • Recommended operating ambient temperature of up to 40℃ for optimal performance
  • Maximum allowable case temperature of 85℃ for safe operation
  • UL certified for compliance with safety standards and regulations


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