OTM-TD100-48 Constant Voltage LED Driver, 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver 48V 100W

SKU: 666561419981



Model OTM-TD100-48
Input Voltage 90-130V AC
Input Current 0.95A
Frequency 48-62Hz
Efficiency 85%
Power Factor  PF>0.95
Output Voltage 48V DC
Output regulated Current 2080mA
Output max Power 100W max
Dimmable: Yes (0-10V dimming) 
IP Rating IP20
Class Certification Class II
Dimensions 132.45mm x 62.82mm (5.21in x 2.47in )
 Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Suitable for dry and damp locations



  • The model number for this LED driver is OTM-TD100-48.
  • It provides a constant voltage output of 48V DC for LED lighting systems.
  • Input voltage range: 90-130V AC, input current: 0.95A, frequency range: 48-62Hz.
  • Efficiency: 85%, power factor: >0.95, indicating good power factor correction.
  • Regulated current output: 2080mA, maximum output power: 100W.
  • Dimmable using 0-10V dimming techniques, allowing for easy control of brightness.
  • Rated for indoor use with an IP20 rating and Class II certification (double insulation, no ground connection required).
  • Dimensions without the box: L190.50mm x W63.63mm (7.5 x 2.5 in).
  • Dimensions with the box: 328.60 x 75.36 x 56.26mm (12.93 x 2.96 x 2.21 in).
  • ETL certified, ensuring it meets safety standards set by the Electrical Testing Laboratories.

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