LI-TECH Constant Current Power Supply 220mA, 46-54V, Max 12W

SKU: 666561433963



Model HT-EAD4
Input Voltage 120V AC
Frequency 60 Hz
Output Regulated Current 220mA
Output Power 12W
Output Voltage 46-54V DC
Wire Size 11cm (4.3in)
with HRB M5601 connector
Dimmable  Yes
Dimensions Ø 64mm (2.5in)
H 27mm (1in)



  • The HT-EAD4 by LI-TECH delivers precision and efficiency for LED systems.
  • Designed for modern lighting applications, it ensures reliable and optimal performance.
  • Operates seamlessly on 120V AC with a stable 60Hz frequency for consistent LED performance.
  • Maintains a constant 220mA output for uniform, flicker-free illumination.
  • With 12 watts output power, it promotes eco-friendly energy utilization.
  • Offers flexibility with a dimmable feature for customizable light intensity.
  • Output voltage range of 46-54V DC accommodates various LED configurations.

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