Mi-Light B1 4-Zone Single Color Brightness Dimming Smart Touch Panel Remote Controller, works with FUT036

SKU: 666561412906



3V (2*AAA Battery)
Transmission Frequency 2.4 GHz
Transmitting Power 6 dBm
Control Distance 30m
Working Temperature -20~60°C
Standby Power 20uA
Dimensions 86mm (3.38 in) x 86mm (3.38in) x 19mm (0.73in)



  • Each zone needs one FUT036 receiver for transmitting signals from the lights to the wireless panel controller.
  • The panel looks aesthetically appealing with its tempered glass panel and touch screen IC.
  • The panel has a high-precision touch screen and can be used in both residential and commercial applications like big/small businesses, hotels, stores, restaurants, etc.
  • This panel remote controller is the best solution to switch on/off all different lights through 1 switch particularly with regard to children's room or staircase lighting.
  • MiBoxer remote controller has the feature of choosing a different range of dimming and switching lights at different zone.
  • Easily saves energy and decreases power consumption, allowing us to receive reasonable electricity bills.

Link: Turn off the power, then turn on again 5 seconds, press ”I” 3 times within 3 seconds. The Led light blinks 3 times slowly when it is done.
Unlink: Turn off the power, then turn on again after 5 seconds, press “I” 5 times within 3 seconds. The Led light blinks 10 times swiftly when it is done.

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