MD24W45VA Dimmable LED Driver, 24V DC 45W

SKU: 666561410445



Model MD24W45VA
Input Voltage 100-120V AC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Constant Current 0.97A
Output voltage 24V DC
Output max Power 45W 
Dimmable Yes
Dimensions (Without Box) 180 x 60 x 25mm (7 x 2.36 x 1in)



  • Reliable and efficient power supply: The MD24W45VA LED driver provides a dependable and energy-efficient solution for powering LED lighting systems, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Compact and robust construction: Designed with a compact size and sturdy construction, this driver is built to withstand the demands of demanding lighting applications, providing durability and longevity.
  • Wide input voltage range: With an input voltage range of 100-120V AC and a frequency of 50-60Hz, this driver offers compatibility with standard electrical systems, making it suitable for a variety of installations.
  • Constant current output: Delivering a constant current of 0.97A, the driver ensures a stable and reliable power supply to connected LEDs, promoting consistent performance and preventing fluctuations.
  • Regulated output voltage: The driver carefully regulates the output voltage to 24V DC, ensuring optimal illumination and maintaining consistent light output for the connected LED fixtures.
  • High output power: With a maximum output power of 45W, this driver is capable of effectively powering a range of LED fixtures, accommodating various lighting requirements.
  • Dimmable capability: The MD24W45VA LED driver supports dimming functionality, allowing for precise control of the lighting intensity to create the desired ambiance and cater to specific lighting needs.
  • Compact dimensions: Measuring 180 x 60 x 25mm (7 x 2.36 x 1in) without the box, this driver offers a compact form factor, enabling easy integration into lighting installations with limited space.
  • ETL certified: The driver is ETL certified, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards, providing confidence and peace of mind for lighting projects.


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