RF RGB Audio Controller Wifi Support

SKU: 666561400637



Voltage 12~24V DC
Wattage 6A per Channel
Total Output 10A
Sound Control >70dB
Operating Temperature -20°C – 60°C



  • This product is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, touch remote control, and RF controller
  • The controller is pre-programmed with 15 music modes and 20 classic main modes
  • The touch  screen RF remote can control up to a distance of 20 meters
  • Controlled by radio-frequency capacitive touch, effective control distance up to 20 m
  • Color changing is more exquisite with PWM.
  • 20 classic modes changing that follow your heart.
  • 15 music modes make every moment rhythmical.
  • This controller is applicable for all sorts of constant voltage RGB lamps, such as RGB LED strips, RGB panel lights, RGB light modules, etc.
  • It comes with a remote holder that helps to wall-mount and provides better convenience for organizing and storing the remote.
  • Moreover, the lights can also be controlled through a smartphone. Download the app through the given QR code on the front package.

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